Pure & Research Publications support

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Can I link my publications for my personal page to Pure?

The Personal Profile Pages (part of  the UM-website) will show 10 most recent and up to 10 selected key publications in Pure. A link to Pure will show your complete list of publications.

FAQ 2: Will I be able to insert publications into Pure that were published before my UM contract?

That is possible in Pure. You can also add other non-UM output. For example when you have a simultaneous appointment at another institution. The correct way to register this pre and non-UM output is described in the section ‘Extras’ of the Getting started in Pure manual.

FAQ 3: Can others (Elsevier) get access to my data?

Pure is hosted at UM, under ICTS. Therefore the system is NOT accessible to external parties.  

FAQ 4: For what other purposes will my data from Pure be used, other than for my personal page?

Your output data will be used for reporting on UM and faculty key figures for annual reports, accreditations and mid-term reviews.

FAQ 5: Can we be grouped as a research unit?

This is automatically done in Research Publications (Organisations).


FAQ 6: Can we influence which publication is shown?

Yes, this can be indicated for each publication.