All publicly financed scholarly publications should be made available for free (open access), according to the Dutch Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (AWTI).

This aspiration can strengthen the position of science in society, but it will not go without a broad and powerful strategy which goes beyond merely improving access. Scientific knowledge should also be presented in a way that is clear and intelligible for lay people, thus becoming genuinely accessible.

A step to EU strategy

On 20 January, the AWTI advisory report ‘Dare to share’ has been presented to the Dutch ministers of Education, Science and Culture, Mrs. Bussemaker, and of Economic Affairs, Mr. Kamp, as well as the State Secretary of Education, Science and Culture, Mr. Dekker. The current Dutch EU presidency may provide the Dutch government with an excellent opportunity to work on a common strategy in the EU, for which the AWTI report also gives some recommendations.

Source: Press release and summary

More information in the complete report:



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