The Knowledge Exchange partners* are calling for a reward system for research data required that incorporates data metrics

Data sharing offers important benefits for scientific progress and advancement of knowledge. However, several limitations and barriers in the general adoption of data sharing are still in place. Probably the most important challenge is that data sharing is not yet very common among scholars. Although important efforts are being invested in promoting data sharing, it is not yet seen as a regular activity among scientists.

’The Value of Research Data – Metrics for datasets from a cultural and technical point of view

This report explores the possibilities of metrics for datasets and an effective reward system that connects with the interests of the stakeholders involved in the process. The report reviews the current literature on data sharing and data metrics and presents outcomes of interviews with the main stakeholders on data sharing and data metrics. It also assesses the use of datasets in scientific work as a tool to stimulate data sharing. Existing repositories and tools in the field of data sharing have been analysed that have special relevance for the promotion and development of data metrics.


* Knowledge Exchange is a co-operative effort that supports the use and development of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) infrastructure for higher education and research. The Knowledge Exchange partners are: • Jisc in the United Kingdom   • SURF in the Netherlands • CSC – IT Center for Science in Finland • Denmark’s Electronic Research Library (DEFF) in Denmark • German Research Foundation (DFG) in Germany

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