Complete Anatomy

Complete Anatomy is an interactive 3D anatomical atlas that allows users to view and manipulate 12 body systems. Tools include Augmented reality, cutting, labeling, break down menus, export images, plus more.

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Complete Anatomy is not a web-based anatomical atlas. The atlas is available via Athena Desktop (or Student desktop) and downloadable for your personal devices. Click button Open database.


Take the dissection table outside the lab with our 3D gross anatomical full male model and female thoracic and pelvic prosections.
Over 17,000 individually selectable structures, organized in layers across 12 systems, including not just skeletal, muscular, nervous systems, but also particularly detailed arterial, digestive, urogenital, and much more.
Break down each model regionally or systematically, and you’ll have a learning pathway to match your learning approach.
Enrich your understanding of key physiological structures with our set of over 20 interactive microscopic anatomy models, then journey deep to examine the cells which are responsible for carrying out activities such as reproduction and propagation of signals in the nervous system from sensory organs to the synapse.

Interactive Learning

Supercharge your learning with specially designed interactive features, helping you to visualise and memorise key concepts. Bring anatomy learning to life with the beating heart and muscle motion feature which allow you to effortlessly interact and orientate the model while it dynamically contracts and relaxes in real-time.
Explore details of anatomical relationships with the cross section tool. Additional information will be at your fingertips with the detailed mapping of parts, landmarks, spots, and surfaces of importance on all bones.
Visualisation of innervations, origins and insertion points of muscles, and the ability to isolate and fade any structures enable to much more easily understand the functions of anatomical systems.

Virtual Dissection

Make the most of your study with Augmented Reality mode. Interact with the model by selecting, exploding and labelling structures in realtime for the best learning experiences.
Simulate body conditions and details using a suite of innovative Tools, allowing you to dissect right through the body, without being in the lab.
Annotate the model by adding your own text, tetxtbox, labels or sketch directly on your selected structure. Cut through the layers to explore relationships between structures. Simulate injuries and pathologies and animate points of pain on the model. View structures beneath the surface with a portal view through the body. Import images from your reference material, and model the effects of arthritis with 3D bone spurs.


With the Student license, access the Atlas of over 800 anatomical dissections and prosections called Screens, to help you understand complex topics and concepts. Save resources for quick reference next time, or even create your own from scratch.
Explore a suite of interactive radiology images and correlate their structures to the 3D model in the Radiology section. Interact with Radiographs, CTs and MRIs to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying anatomy.
Discover over 1,500 videos to identify the key points of a condition or treatment, invaluable for problem-based learning. The library includes videos, with subtitles available in English, Chinese & Spanish, covering topics in cardiology, dentistry, orthopedics, ophthalmology, and fitness.


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