Book the do-it-yourself studio at the Inner City Library

Book the do-it-yourself studio at the Inner City Library

Updated on 14 Jul 2021 | Published on 11 Jul 2021

Only recently, we built a do-it-yourself (DIY) studio you can make use of to create your video or knowledge clip to explain a specific topic. The studio offers a green screen and a plug-and-play system which easily integrates your PowerPoint combined with you presenting on video. It even shows an auto-cue based on your PowerPoint notes!

Book the studio

If you want to book the DIY studio in the Inner City Library, you can use this form. In the reservation-module (under the ‘i’) you find information about how to come prepared to make your recording session as efficient as possible. On the day of the shoot, you can collect the key for the studio at the information desk. Up until now, we hear that it truly is ‘plug and play’, but of course, there will be support available. You also find instruction material for filming, editing and storing of the video in the studio.

Check out this short video instruction to find out how it works.


Tips to come prepared

It cannot be emphasised too often that good preparation is key. People who read from a script from an autocue or teleprompter often succeed within two or three takes. Moreover, it ensures for a concise and well-structured video that covers everything. We prepared a PowerPoint template for you, you can use for your video. It helps you think about your preferences for a background, where you want to ‘stand’ related to the text or visuals and the notes you add to this template, will automatically be offered as your autocue.


What to wear? Or what to avoid?

  • Blue grey and soft tones look nice in front of a camera.
  • Bright white or bright red, busy patterns, large white or black squares, narrow stripes or small dots, can complicate camera focus.
  • Avoid shiny, glittery or noisy jewellery, as these items can be very distracting for the viewer.
  • If you need to wear a microphone, it is good to wear clothes that make the attachment easy (button down shirt or blouse, jacket, tie).


Quick links:

You can also visit the Step-by-step video creation page on VideUM (UM’s portal on video for education) for a complete guideline to create a video.

On the date and time of your shoot, collect the key at the Information desk (ground floor at the inner city library). Be sure to come prepared!

Author: UM Library


This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License.


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