Hit the books at our giant Book Sale with more than 5,000 books with prices starting at €1. Most of these (used) books are in the field of Health, Medicine & Life Sciences, Psychology and Neuroscience, Economics, and Law. Including penultimate editions from several Learning and Resource Centre books.

  • When: Sunday 15 November from 11.00 to 16.00
  • Location: University Library, entrance Inner City Library at Grote Looiersstraat 17

Some book titles

  • AIDS: a basic guide for clinicians – Peter Ebbesen et al.
  • Cognitive psychology : a student’s handbook – Eysenck & Kean (6th ed.)
  • Adolescent psychology: a contemporary view – Linda Nielsen
  • Epidemiology : beyond the basics – Szklo & Nieto (2nd ed.)
  • Marketing : concepts and strategies – Sally Dibb [et al.] (3rd European ed.)
  • Wegwijs in de vennootschapsbelasting – J.N. Bouwman (10e [gew.] dr.)
  • Book illustrations and title-pages – J. Richard Judson, Carl van de Velde (2 volumes)

Maastricht Academic Heritage Fund

This book sale is our contribution to the Week of the Old Book (13-20 November), aiming to draw attention to the (old) book in times when reading is in decline and more and more book shops have to close their doors. All sale proceeds go directly to the Maastricht Academic Heritage Fund, in particular to activities relating to Maastricht University’s 40th anniversary in 2016.

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