Introduction to Research Software Management

04 Mar | 10.00 CET - 12.00 CET

This workshop introduces you to the basics of Research Software Management, including best practices and practical examples.

Course Description

Research Software (e.g. computer code, statistical packages, scientific apps) plays a crucial role in research projects, contributing to the reproducibility and reliability of results. In this introductory workshop, learn the basic concepts of managing research software, including best practices, version control, and documentation with Github/Gitlab. Through practical examples, explore key concepts for software management plans and how they are applied in practice.

Learning objectives:
By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • have a basic understanding of software management concepts, best practices (e.g. FAIR software), and their significance in promoting reproducible and reliable research results.
  • be equipped with the knowledge to get started with the Research Software Directory.


Target group: researchers, academic staff and support staff.

Language: English

Course format: online via Zoom (after registration, you will receive a link for the session).

Duration: 2 hours

Capacity: 15 participants per workshop.


Available spaces: 14/ 15




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