Next to the colourful exhibition ‘Books coming out of the closet’ we put the spotlight on our School of Economics and Business (SBE), because of its 30th anniversary. Since 1984, the library facilities for the SBE have developed from a basic collection of printed materials into a wealth of academic information that is made available 24/7 via the Online Library. Some books of our library collection are displayed to show three decades of the SBE library facilities.

In ‘30 years $B€, from past… to present!’

  • two well-known economics are highlighted: Adam Smith, cited as the “father of modern economicsand Alfred Marshall who wrote one of the leading economic textbooks. Take a look at the transformation of Marshall’s The Principles of Economics, which is still used by SBE students today
  • and, last but not least you find two books of our library collections, written by two of the founders of SBE: Geert Hofstede (1985) and Wil Albeda (1984).

Where: Inner City Library, Grote Looiersstraat 17, ground floor

When: during Inner City Library opening hours



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