Five ways to increase the visibility of your research

Five ways to increase the visibility of your research

by | 11 Jan 2018

So, you’ve published your research and you’re now hoping to sit back, relax and get ready for all those citations to roll in? Unfortunately the hard work doesn’t stop here! Now you want to promote your research to make sure it reaches the widest possible audience. By making your research more visible you could potentially open up future collaboration / job / publication opportunities, increase citations to your work and increase the number of people finding, reading and building on your work.

1. Carefully consider which journals you are going to publish in

There are certain questions you may want to ask yourself before choosing where to publish. For instance:

  • Are the articles in the journal easily discoverable?
  • Are they indexed in services such as Web of Science or Scopus?
  • Does the journal have suitable Open Access options?
  • Have you and your colleagues heard of the journal?

The answers to these questions will determine the visibility of your article and the reliability of the journal of your choice. Think Check Submit provides a simple check list to make sure you choose trusted journals for your research.


2. Sign up for an ORCiD

Having and ORCiD can help to make your research more visible. ORCiD is a digital identifier that helps to distinguish you from other researchers. You can link all your research outputs to your ORCiD and you can keep your unique ORCiD ID throughout your career.

It is particularly useful for researchers with common names, and for scholars who change their name throughout their career or who change institutions. No matter what changes are made you will always have the same ORCiD, so other people can easily see details of your research outputs.

More details on how to sign up for a free ORCID can be found here .


3. Make your research Open Access

Open Access publishing makes scholarly works available online, free for anyone to find and read. The potential readership of Open Access articles is far greater than that for articles where the fulltext is restricted to subscribers. Making your research Open Access will make it more visible.

There are 2 ways to make your research outputs Open Access; by self-archiving in an Open Access repository or by publishing in an Open Access journal.

More information on Open Access can be found on our Open Access portal.


4. Share your research data where appropriate

There is growing evidence that sharing data can increase the visibility of research. Sharing your data could allow other researchers to validate your work, build upon it and could potentially help to open up future collaboration opportunities. Learn more about managing and sharing your data on Research Data Management.


5. Promote your research online

Promoting your research online will help you reach your potential audience, connect with other researchers and help you to start developing a network of online colleagues.

There are a number of different social media tools such as Twitter, Instagram, Blogs and LinkedIn. Be aware of your audience before selecting one of these tools. Engage with them by asking questions, speaking up about issues that interest you and use eye catching images, videos or visualisations. You don’t need to spend a long time keeping your social media accounts up to date but you do need to be willing to write and check your account(s) regularly.


Need help? You are welcome to join our workshop

The UM Library Research Support team run regular workshops on increasing the visibility of your research focused on different faculties. Book online.


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