Why not just convert all your journals to Open Access? The question of whether – and, if so, when and how – to ‘flip’ a traditional, subscription-based journal to open access (OA) is one that comes up time and again. 

How do you pick the right title, capitalise on the benefits, and minimise the risks? In our experience, a good candidate would ideally meet most, if not all, of the following criteria: 

  • Modest subscription revenue
  • High quality and growing submissions
  • High rejection rate (60%+)
  • Well-funded field with money available for APCs
  • Author community already actively publishing in an OA manner

A typical journal for consideration, therefore, would be relatively young; in a fast-moving, competitive, and well-funded field; and with an author pool that is already publishing OA. Ideally it should also be well-regarded, with a good Impact Factor, and a strong, active editorial board.

Quoted from The Scholarly Kitchen, post by Alice Meadows (4 March 2015): Flipping, not Flopping: Converting Subscription Journals to Open Access



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