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To promote Open Access Week 2016, from 24 – 30 October, Electrochemical Society (ECS) is taking down the paywall to the ECS Digital Library. During this week, over 132,000 articles will be freely available to anyone who wants to read them.

ECS is giving the world a preview of what complete Open Access will look like having completed its Free the Science campaign.

Free the Science

ECS believes that Open Access – especially in electrochemistry and solid state sciences – is an important goal for scientific and technological development and, quite simply, creating a better world. Ensuring that everyone working on these issues – wherever they are in the world, and for whomever they work – has access to the latest research, is in the best interests of all the sciences.

Free the Science is a business-model changing initiative that will make research freely available to all readers, while remaining free for authors to publish. It is a new publishing standard for ECS, one of the last independent scientific society publishers. ECS already gives authors the choice to publish their work as Open Access and ECS wants Open Access to its entire Digital Library by 2024. 

ECS mission 

ECS believes that by opening and democratising research, it can more rapidly advance important sciences and society at large, while directly fulfilling its mission. The key to scientific advancement has always been the open exchange of information. Yet even in today’s digital environment, many scientists around the world struggle to access quality, reliable research. The bottom line is that discoveries need discoverability and that is only guaranteed through full Open Access.

ECS has not yet reached a place where it can sustainably make all of its publications Open access, but ECS wants to celebrate its vision of the future during Open Access Week. From 24 October through 30 October, anyone will be able to read any of the content in its Digital Library for free. Through its Free the Science initiative, ECS hopes to make this the ‘norm’ in the future.

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