The trial (from 10 November 2014 until 23 November 2014) provides online access to World Market Intelligence. Click on the following link and press the LOGIN button:

Just a bit of background on before you log in

World Market Intelligence is a live business information platform exclusively designed to support and enhance research projects conducted by the academia. The unique content WMI offers cannot be obtained through EBSCO, PROQUEST, SWETS or any other aggregator and our coverage spans various industries including IT, Construction, Energy and Gas, Retail, Travel and Tourism etc.

WMI business intelligence is sourced from some of the world’s most respected business information and media brands: Timetric, Canadean, Kable, Strategic Defense Intelligence and GlobalData. This means that through WMI, students can get direct access to the same high quality proprietary data that companies such as Coca Cola and JP Morgan use to drive their business; all of this delivered in a student friendly interface.

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