In addition to a Library Wall news bulletin on 16 February, there is more detailed information on discount on author fees when publishing in Open Access in Sage journals and Springer Open Choice 

SAGE Choice – receive a 90% discount on the open access fee for 158 SAGE journals

An Open Access agreement has been made between SAGE and all Dutch universities. The agreement with Sage covers:

  1. All articles published in one of the 158 selected journals (see annex SAGE Choice Programme Journal Titles) and
  2. Where the corresponding author is employed at a Dutch university.

The corresponding author employed at a Dutch university will receive a 90% discount on the Open Access Publishing fee and will receive an invoice for $300 (10% of Sage’s Open Access publishing fee).
The corresponding author needs to inform SAGE in time that he/she is entitled to a discount as a corresponding author from a UKB (Consortium of the Dutch Universities and National Library) institution. Please consult carefully the procedures:

  1. The discount only applies to the titles that are in the SAGE Choice Scheme and in SAGE Premier 2012 as listed in the SAGE Choice Programme Journal Titles.
  2. All submitting authors are alerted to the fact that the SAGE Choice option exists for a title when they are sent an acceptance email, and again when they are sent the Contributors Agreement to authorise.  If they follow the link provided by either of these forms they will be directed to a SAGE Choice Invoice Template.
  3. Authors from UKB institutions should indicate they are entitled to the discount by entering the code UKB90 in the “University/Institution Account Code” field.  They should then return this form to the relevant email address at SAGE as instructed on the form.  An invoice for the discounted rate of $300 only will then be raised.
  4. Authors must indicate they are entitled to the discount by using this code when initially applying for the SAGE Choice option.  The way the systems are set-up we cannot apply the discount retrospectively.

It is the responsibility of the author to indicate he/she is entitled to receive the discount. SAGE does not have the resources to check every application. If you have questions about submitting your article, please email Sage at: or

The Springer Open Choice agreement with the Dutch universities has been terminated!

The ‘Open Choice’-agreement that was made between Springer and all Dutch universities has been terminated. The agreement with Springer entailed that all authors affiliated with a Dutch university did not have to pay for open access publishing with Springer. This agreement with Springer has been terminated. If an author wishes to publish an article that has been accepted after 1 July 2012 as Open Choice, the author or his/her financer must pay the fee themselves. The agreement does still apply to articles accepted by Springer before 1 July 2012!

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