Information literacy teaching

by | 27 Feb 2018

UM Library supports teachers from all faculties to teach their students in dealing with information. Whether it is on how to search for information, how to select relevant sources, referencing, or how to avoid plagiarism. Not just by providing information online (although we have a growing number of online tutorials available), we provide face-to-face workshops as well.


Variety in workshops

Last month (January 2018) over 700 students (bachelors, masters and PhDs) attended one or more UM Library workshops. We design these workshops in close cooperation with block and/or thesis coordinators.

For those who are not familiar with our offer: these workshop topics vary from Systematic Literature Search (FHML, FPN, FHS, SBE), EndNote (FPN, SBE, FHS), Data retrieval (SBE, FHS) and – the Dutch workshop – Omgaan met communicatiemiddelen (FHML-med) to specific workshops for PhDs such as Data management, Staying up to date and Increasing your research impact.

In February and March, we continue our teaching activities with workshops for bachelors from FL, UCM and SBE. Next to that, we developed a workshop for Honours+ students, called Visualizing research. The first pilot workshop was given in February.


Custom-made activities

If you are interested in integrating one of these workshops into your curriculum, have a request for another type of classroom activity regarding information literacy, or want to know how UM Library can support you in teaching these lifelong information skills in your course, feel free to contact us via Ask your librarian.

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