It is difficult to replicate many experiments with just a written description of what the original researcher did. Videos in the Journal of Visualized Experiments make it easier for a second researcher to follow the same procedures as the original researcher.

JoVE Medicine

In 2014 the University Library subscribed to the Journal of Visualized Experiments Medicine (JoVE). The JoVE Medicine serves as a connection between basic research and clinical applications. Articles may present medical procedures, case studies or clinical trial methodologies. Included studies are often modeled towards predictive, preventative, personalized, and practical approaches to treatment of disease. The goal of research methodologies in this section is to improve overall patient care and prognosis. Almost 700 protocols are visualized.

JoVE Biology

JoVE Biology welcomes all general biology research methodologies. Content in this section canvases all fields of cell, molecular, and organismal biology, ranging from new applications of standard techniques to novel approaches aimed at understanding the functions of life and living organisms. This diverse section includes, but is not limited to, techniques in physical biology, cellular biochemistry, genetics, physiology, systems biology and a combination of eukaryotic and prokaryotic model systems. More then 1.500 films are included.

Both journals are available via the e-journal list:
Journal of Visualized Experiments Medicine (JoVE): Medicine
Journal of Visualized Experiments Medicine (JoVE): Biology

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