On Monday 5 September the academic year 2016/17 will be officially opened at Maastricht University (UM). Traditionally, the winner of the UM Student Award 2016 will be announced. This year a student that has worked for a library project is one of the nominees: Kimberley Hollender.  

The Student Award is presented annually to students who, in addition to their studies, make a special contribution to society or culture. With her energy, enthusiasm and involvement Kimberley showed that she has potential. She made a great effort to bring the Maastricht University Special Collections to the attention of a wider public. 

About Kimberly Hollender

Kimberly has played a key role in the Printed in Maastricht project. Her main task was to perform academic research on the history of (Latin) book printing in Maastricht. Additionally she contributed to the project by adding her knowledge about social media communication. Kimberley also thought up an interactive  (smartphone) game to discover the rich print history of Maastricht. Kimberley is a bachelor student at European Studies.

Will Kimberley Hollender win the UM Student Award tomorrow? 

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