The University Library has from 2016 onward expanded its subscription to the online platform Kluwer Law Online; the platform for websites, journals and loose leafs/manuals.

Now we have access to the following files of Kluwer Law Online:



Kluwer IP Law (NEW)

Online manuals:

International Encyclopaedia for Labour Law and Industrial Relations (IEL Labour Law)

International Encyclopaedia for Civil Procedure (IEL Civil Procedure) (NEW)

International Encyclopaedia for Migration Law (IEL Migration Law) (NEW)

International Encyclopadia for Religion (IEL Religion) (NEW)

International Labour and Employment Compliance Handbook (NEW)


Common Market Law Review – Online & Archive

EC Tax Review – Online & Archive (archive NEW)

European Company Law – Online & Archive

European Energy and Environmental Law Review (Formerly European Environmental Law Review) – Online & Archive (archive NEW)

European Foreign Affairs Review – Online & Archive (archive NEW)

European Public Law – Online & Archive

European Review of Private Law– Online & Archive (archive NEW)

International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations – Online & Archive (archive NEW)

Intertax – Online & Archive (archive NEW)

Journal of European Consumer and Market Law – Online & Archive (NEW)

Journal of World Trade – Online & Archive (archive NEW)

Legal Issues of Economic Integration – Online & Archive (archive NEW)

World Competition – Online & Archive (archive NEW)

Kluwer IP Law is a fully-searchable database of world-wide primary and secondary materials in the field of international intellectual property law, covering patent, copyright and trademark law. It contains commentary in the form of a collection of books and journals on the subject. It provides access to IP legislation, reports, analysis, conventions, treatises, key patent and copyright cases and. Includes reports, analysis, cases, conventions, treatises and links to national laws. 

The Kluwer Law Online Manuals includes five titles of the loose-leaf treatises Encyclopedia of International Law (IEL).  Each IEL covers a major field of law with country-by-country monographs that describe how each national legal system governs the relevant field. These national monographs are supplemented where relevant with international monographs which detail the workings of supranational organizations that affect the field of law in question, or offer an overview of the field from a comparative perspective. Alongside the national monographs, for some specific volumes, a codex containing national and international primary legislation has been included, as well as the most important relevant case law from international courts, such as the Court of Justice of the European Communities, in that particular field.

Note that the University Library does not subscribe to all titles that are listed on the Kluwer site; you can access only those titles that are listed above.

The websites and online manuals are offered by the University Library via the list of Databases. The journals can be found in the list of e-journals.

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