A brand new study facility may become your favourite library spot. As from today, Maastricht University (UM) students are welcome in the library’s Learning Loft with 85 extra Learning Spaces at the University Sports Centre (USC) in Randwyck. A large open, high ceilinged, multifunctional study environment with an industrial look. Enjoy your stay and practice sports, study and relaxation in one go.

This expansion comes on top of the – since last January – available Nine Rooms. That makes it a total of 175 USC Learning Spaces. Both library facilities are situated on the first floor. Just follow the signposting.

What features can you expect in this inspiring area, besides WiFi and power points?

The Learning Loft offers

  • Learning Spaces for short usage, to bridge time or sort out your activities at your entry, with 6 standing tables with stools
  • Learning Spaces for group and individual use, concentrated in 2 compartments
  • In the heart of the Learning Loft 2 inviting huge couches, to be used as an informal meeting place
  • Facilities like a printer, 2 mobile whiteboards, an LCD screen to plug-in your laptop for collaboration, a soft drink and a slot machine

The Nine Rooms offer

  • Learning Spaces, divided between two group rooms and seven rooms for individual studying
  • Good furniture, the Nine Rooms are partly equipped with special ergonomic seats for active studying





FASoS student: 

Hello, I don’t have a question, but an idea: In the learning spaces of UM Sports is one dynamic chair which is the best idea ever. Unfortunately there is only one. But for future students: it would be great if there would be more chairs like that, also in the library, as it is much better for the back than the library chairs at the moment. Just wanted to share that with you.  

Healthy university

UM strives to be a healthy university. That is why we offer you a range of seven new experimental chairs. We would like to receive your feedback. Let library staff on site know your preference or use our virtual desk Ask your librarian. We will use that information for the design of future library locations.

Impression of the Learning Loft

Please note

  • Library Learning Spaces concept: bring your own device (BYOD)
  • opening hours
    • Nine Rooms: Mon – Friday: 07.00 – 23.00 / Sat – Sun: 10.00 – 20.00
    • Learning Loft: match with the Opening hours Sports Café Time Out (and are therefore a bit more extended than the Nine Rooms)
  • access to the Nine Rooms: only with your valid UM Card
  • for your belongings: use lockers, provided by UM Sports (access only with your UM Sports Card)
  • for a study break: there is a grand Sports Café Time Out, open from early morning till late at night
  • for questions: go to the Service desk of Sports Centre and UM SPORTS.

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