Library Vlog #3: AI in the classroom

by | 28 Jan 2019

As an innovative university, we are constantly searching and testing new trends in education and research. AI technology is well-known for its fast pace of information processing. But what is the value of Artifical Intelligence (AI) for our PBL-based education at Maastricht University? What are the benefits for students? And how will AI affect our education in the future?

We started workgroups to answer these types of questions. Together with students, faculty staff and experts from IBM, we explored the potential use of AI inside the classroom. Curious what came out of it? Watch our third vlog below. And don’t forget to share, comment and subscribe to our channel.



AI in UM Education

The Ideation Session on 5 April 2018 laid the foundation for exploring AI & Cognitive Computing at UM. During the event we developed possible use-cases for AI technology inside and outside the classroom. We are now in the phase of exploring the actual value of these use-cases and are carefully selecting the ones that can make it into the experiment phase.

If you want to participate in the upcoming sessions or if you have more general questions about the project, please contact Rachel Wennek, project manager at the BISS Institute.



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