Library Vlog #8: Special Collections at UM

11 Jul 2019

Our latest vlog is about the closed stacks underneath the Inner City Library, where we house over 500,000 books. This collection includes about 265,000 volumes from different Special Collections. These books date back to 1470 and cover a wide range of topics. Check it out now!

Broad classics collection

A huge part of our collections originates from the Maastricht Jesuits Order. It is Maastricht University’s most important special collection and the library works on making the collection available for a wider audience, research and education. The Jesuit Collection includes about 250,000 volumes, mainly in the fields of theology, philosophy, history, literature, law and social sciences (sociology, psychology, anthropology, economics). In that sense, it is a broad classics collection, which provides jumping-off points for research and teaching activities of many UM faculties.


Interesting subsets

Within this collection you can find interesting subsets, e.g. a Nazi collection, a Prize volume collection, a collection from the Missiological Institute, an extensive range of travel books, fairy tale books from the Golden Age of illustrators, and a collection of 400 years book printing in Maastricht. Recently, thanks to a successful crowdfunding project, the library was able to bring back home the Minervalia, one of the oldest in Maastricht printed comedies.


UM Cultural heritage

In this collection you can find Limburg artists and scientist works such as the Charles Eyck documentation collection, the Peter Debye collection, the Pierre Kemp Library and his letter and manuscript collection.



Get inspired

With over a quarter of a million volumes to choose from, you will always be discovering something new. See for yourself, go to the Special Collections portal and get inspired!

Author: Barend Last, Blended Learning & Information Specialist


  This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License.  


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