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M4I saves yearly approximately k€16 by storing their data at DataHub

5 Nov 2020

DataHub provides several types of storage facilities, each with their own trade-off in costs, performance and data availability. DataHub services are free, though storage is charged at cost price. If you have less than 100 GB of data, DataHub offers you free storage. Your data will be on our highest performing storage facility. For larger data sets, several storage solutions are available.

As all research and all data are different it depends on your situation which kind of storage suits you best. For example, to reduce yearly storage costs for M4I, DataHub has recently migrated about 135 TB of data from the HNAS storage to the cheaper CEPH storage. This migration process has reduced costs by more than half and saves M4I approximately k€16 yearly.

At the Maastricht MultiModal Molecular Imaging Institute (M4I) researchers work with the latest molecular imaging techniques in cryogenic electron microscopy and imaging mass spectrometry. Both techniques can generate TB of data in a day’s worth of acquisition time. The migration of M4I research data by DataHub has been transparent to the researchers and all their metadata on the data has remained intact.

More information

For more information about storing your data at DataHub, please visit the DataHub portal or send an email.

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