Two new databases and an upgrade for OpMaat will be added to the database collection of the OU. The Open University will now have access to the Paris Legal Publishers collection, the NDFR (Nederlandse Documentatie Fiscaal Recht) collection, and the upgraded OpMaat Premium Plus.

Paris Legal Publishers collection
Paris Legal Publishers specialises in information and services for the legal professional. All publications stand out because of their highly involved editors and a focus on a specific segment of the market which guarantees the quality of the information. The OU will have access to fourteen PLP journals.

NDFR collection [Dutch]
The NDFR (Nederlandse Documentatie Fiscaal Recht) collection is a digital encyclopaedia on Dutch tax law. NDFR is a modular platform, designed to find information on income tax, dividend tax, premium tax, and much more, as quick as possible.

OpMaat Premium Plus [Dutch]
OpMaat Premium Plus is the upgraded version of OpMaat Premium. The plus package also adds the SDU commentary into the mix, making the database even more extensive.

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