New online resource: Law Trove

30 Aug 2019

The UM Library has access to Law Trove, an online platform providing access to 15 legal textbooks published within the Legal Systems and Skills subject collection 2019 of Oxford University Press.


Oxford Law Trove is an online e-textbook and learning platform for hosting Oxford University Press’s law textbook content. It gives access to legal textbooks covering a broad range of subjects in, and areas of, law.
The UM Library has access to the Legal Systems and Skills subject collection 2019. We do not have access to other subject areas on the platform.


Legal Systems and Skills collection 2019

The Legal Systems and Skills collection 2019 includes 15 titles, all available as unlimited ebooks:

  • Employability Skills for Law Students (1st edn) by Finch & Fafinksi
  • Legal Ethics (2nd edn) by Herring
  • Learning Legal Rules: A Students’ Guide to Legal Method and Reasoning (10th edn) Holland & Webb
  • Legal Skills (7th edn) by Finch & Fafinksi
  • Introduction to the English Legal System 2019-2020 (14th edn) by Partington
  • English Legal System (3rd edn) by Wilson et al
  • How to Write Law Essays & Exams (5th edn) by Strong
  • Legal Systems & Skills (3rd edn) Slorach et al
  • First Steps in the Law (7th edn) by Rivlin
  • Borkowski’s Textbook on Roman Law (5th edn) by du Plessis
  • English Legal System in Context (6th edn) by Cownie, Bradney & Burton
  • How to Moot: A Student Guide to Mooting (2nd edn) by Snape & Watt
  • English Legal System Concentrate: Law Revision and Study Guide (1st edn) by McGourlay & Thomas
  • The Successful Law Student – An Insider’s Guide to Studying Law (1st edn) by Moore & Newbery-Jones
  • English Legal System by Gillespie & Weare.

The Oxford Law Trove platform also enables cross-searching, annotation and note taking, and sharing of resources.


Searching Law Trove

  • Select the green padlock on the home screen if you only want to see the titles you have access to.
  • Use the search engine to reveal results across all titles on the Legal Systems and Skills collection.
  • Search results bring up relevant chapters as well as whole textbooks.
  • Law Trove has basic and advanced search.
  • Search results can be downloaded (as PDF and XLS) to browse later.
  • Abstracts appear at book and chapter level (for non-authenticated users) so you can sort and filter your search results easily.


Navigate Law Trove

  • Cross-references within the chapters are hyperlinked for fast and easy navigation.
  • Save links to content, and searches to your Personal Profile for easy navigation.


Interact with Law Trove

  • Bibliographic references and further reading suggestions are hyperlinked to our library collection.
  • Create your Personal Profile to save links and searches, highlight passages, and to make your own annotations to parts of the text, and add your own notes and comments and bookmark key parts for future reference and revision.
  • Accurately cite parts of the content in your essays and coursework using the citation export tool (displayed as a pencil icon on the tool bar).
  • Images and diagrams can be viewed in a pop-up window, and downloaded to PowerPoint for use in your work.
  • Snippets of content can be shared through email or social network sites.
  • Permanent digital online identifiers (DOIs) are provided for every chapter and act as permanent URLs, they can be saved as references and used them on reading lists.
  • Share your annotations with your class or with other students.



Direct link: Law Trove
Law Trove is, among other databases, also available via our list of Databases in the Online Library.



In case you have a question regarding Law Trove, please contact Angélique Bessems via Ask Your Librarian.

Author: Angélique Bessems, Specialist Legal Scientific Information & Skills Support


This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License.

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