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Starting in July 2023, the renovation of Randwyck Library will start with a new roof.  Following the roof, the library, open collection and learning spaces will also be renovated, which we aim to start in September 2023. The run time of this project is approximately 6 months, with the predicted deadline for the re-opening of the renewed library set in January 2024.  


The library is a place where many students spend a great deal of time studying. Hence, this project requires accurate planning and preparation. In 2022 we started the exploration phase with our stakeholders, the past 1,5 years we collected input from students and employees, and we opened a suggestion box. This led to a schedule of requirements, which is now definite.  After the final agreement for the project, the first meeting with the sounding board took place on 1 March. Employees and students from the Faculties of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, Psychology and Neuroscience and Science and Engineering participated. The participants will provide us with feedback before and during the renovation.  

The exploration phase is finished, and we are currently in the design phase. In our newsletters, we will keep you informed of the process and show you how the library receives a renewed look during the renovation.  

 Here is a glimpse of what the library will look like:  

  • Renewed floors, walls and furnishings will ensure the location will have a modern look. Of course, sustainability is a subject high on our list, which means we will re-use all materials as much as possible.  
  • Rooms with multimedia and digital facilities which support students, teachers and researchers to fulfil their needs in diverse education and research activities.   
  • Besides print books, the use of digital collections is increasing. We are working hard on reviewing and updating the collection, so that both print and digital collections are integrated in the renewed library set up.  

More information and updates on the renovation and new look of Randwyck Library will be published in the upcoming newsletters.