Responsible Metrics UM

Responsible metrics

At Maastricht University Library, we are committed to the responsible use of indicators. We believe that quantitative indicators should support, not replace, qualitative evaluations. Read on and find out how we can help you to evaluate your research impact ... Keep reading

Altmetric Explorer: insight into mentions of your work

Altmetric is a platform that gathers altmetrics, a new type of alternative metrics that captures the societal impact of research output instead of traditional metrics such as citation counts. Find out about Altmetric Explorer and how you can use it ... Keep reading
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Open Access increases the impact of scientific research

An interview with Henk van den Hoogen (programme manager for Research Support at the University Library) about the advantage of Open Access publishing compared to the traditional way, behind a paywall. “Open Access publishing pays off by generating more impact for your research”, he says ... Keep reading

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