Next steps in digital assessment

by | 5 Jul 2018

In the new academic year large scale facilities will be realised for digital assessment. The work is expected to be ready by the end of 2018. As from early 2019 the first digital assessments may take place in the MECC. Finally, we will be able to administer 600-800 digital assessments at the same time.


Possible solutions explored

Michiel van Geloven, project manager digital assessment, and his team explored many possible solutions last year. Van Geloven explains:

The last year, we have explored many possible solutions. We paid a visit to Radboud University to see how they work with large scale digital assessment. Finally, in our multidisciplinary team, we have concluded that the use of Chromebooks and Wi-Fi in the MECC is the most suitable solution for Maastricht University (UM).


Parties involved

In the team many UM disciplines are involved: teachers, assessment experts and assessment coördinators and ICT & education specialists from all faculties, different experts from the ICT Service Centre (ICTS)  UM Library, Student Service Centre, Facility Services and Finance.

Preparation works start now

During Summer, ICTS will start the preparation works, like installing a top notch Wi-Fi and setting up the Chromebooks. As soon as ready, a thorough testing process will begin. In the meantime, assessment software will be procured (through a European tender) and the support organisation will be worked out, a process where many people from all kinds of disciplines will be involved.

Training sessions will follow

As soon as we know what software will be used, a training programme for both teaching and supporting staff will be organised. Early autumn, we will update you on the progress we will have made by then.

Read more: Library Wall post Gaby Lutgens, 24 May 2018: Work in progress: building an infrastructure for digital assessment.

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