“Fee, fi, fo, fum,
I smell the blood of an Englishman!
Let him be alive, or let him be dead
I’ll grind his bones to make me bread!”*


Don’t miss this ‘epic’ event! 

Entrance = FREE

The battle will take place:

  • in the former Fire Station. Capucijnenstraat 21
  • Thursday 6 November, 20.00 – 00.00
  • doors will be open from 19.30

Be inspired by poetry about tales of the night, darkness and mystery.
Have a drink in between in a cosy and comfortable atmosphere.

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Like Art Nouveau?

Visit in the ‘Kruithuis’ the exhibition of (fairytale)books from the UM Special Collections, which contains beautiful pictures from the Golden Age of Illustrations.

What is poetry slamming?

Poetry slam literally means to slam (throw, smash) with poetic words.

This poetry slam consists of 3 separate rounds in which 2 poetry slammers are battling against each other. In every round the slammers have 3 minutes to perform their own poems. The content and the performance of the poetry are equally important. The challenge is to make the crowd enthusiastic. The applause is measured by the ‘clap-o-meter’. The slammer who gets the loudest applause will go to the next round. Eventually the winner is decided in the final round. Also, at the end of the evening the members of a jury will pronounce their favourite contestant. There are some amazing prizes to win!

The Special Collections poetry slam format

The poetry slam revolves around the theme: Nighttales, the dark side of fairy tales. The theme of the poetry is based on the fairy tale books of our Special Collections.

  • Step 1: Poetry slammers were invited to use the original books of our Special Collections to get inspiration for their poems. They had the opportunity to get a tour and to look around in the UM Library’s closed stacks!
  • Step 2: The slammers created their own poems for the poetry slam, based on the beautiful treasures of the Special Collections.
  • Step 3: Getting ready for the poetry slam!

Hope to see you there!


*Arthur Rackham(1933) In: The Arthur Rackham fairy book: a book of old favourites, p.125
Closed stacks, request code MB EAD 521

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