Last week the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) removed approximately 3300 journals for failure to submit a valid reapplication before the communicated deadline. A deadline which was extended twice, to allow more time for reapplications. This batch removal is another step in DOAJ’s two year long project to increase the value and accuracy of the information provided. 

The reapplication process is a necessary step towards ensuring that all journals in DOAJ (of which there were about 10000) met the higher criteria for indexing that DOAJ launched in March 2014. Current Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing were produced as a response to

  • the maturing Open Access arena
  • the greater demands made on Open Access publishing by questionable journals and publishers
  • and to retain DOAJ’s relevancy and importance in Open Access publishing.

Reasons for removal

A journal may be removed from DOAJ for the following reasons:

  • the journal
    • is no longer Open Access
    • is inactive (has not published in the last calendar year)
    • has not published enough articles this calendar year
    • ceased publishing
  • the website URL no longer works
  • there is suspected editorial misconduct by the publisher
  • the publisher failed to submit a new application within the given time period for reapplications
  • the journal is not adhering to Best Practice.

What is added or removed?

The DOAJ spreadsheet shows the list of added and removed journals from 19 March 2016

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