After a well visited Open Week in 2011 (in which the University Library offered a mixed program regarding education and research) the last few weeks were spent searching for activities to put into the spotlight because of the international Open Education Week (5-10 March). And we are proud to publish a nice collection of practices from within our university!

Just as we did last time, we go beyond open educational resources (OER) or open access materials. We give the floor to a variety of activities which give the opportunity to attend education on a more flexible basis or are open for others then Maastricht University students alone. Actually we offer a thematic selection from all the innovation projects and activities as are organised for example within the ‘Masterplan Leading in Learning’.

Because the Open Education week has been scheduled within short time since the last activities, we decided to describe the ongoing practices on a website. We offer information, but also lectures and sometimes opportunity to get involved as well. Of course this can not be a complete overview. So if you browse the practices and want to add information on yours as well because it fits the theme of Open Education, please let us know!

Practices on which you can find information already are:

  • The EdL@b project, in which the University Library offers facilities to search, try and compare functionality for teaching and learning activities
  • The Learning Spaces project in which flexible learning spaces will be created in and outside university buildings
  • LEPHIE-project: a module on leadership for European PH professionals including educational interactive e-learning materials in a PBL/BL format
  • Library open doors
  • Open educational resources at Medicine
  • Testing the Feasibility of OER-Course Certification and the openEd-project at UNU-MERIT
  • Presentation skills at Toastmasters
  • Opening up classroom borders to the world by making use of a virtual classroom
  • Wiki’s and blogs in language courses

Please find more on these practices and the international Open Education Week on

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