How to arrange peer feedback scenarios? What are obstacles and success indicators? How to guarantee students feel save and can gain from giving and receiving feedback?

In spring SURF organised an expert meeting on peer feedback and peer assessment with representatives of several higher education institutes in which they discussed these questions. Subsequently SURF gathered all insights and experiences in a thematic booklet (in Dutch). Maastricht University (UM) has participated in this SURF expert meeting and has also contributed to the booklet. SURF-Academy organises a seminar on peer feedback and peer assessment on 9 October.

Project on peer feedback

Our contribution in the SURF publication refers to the UM project in which UM Library and faculties experimented with tools facilitating several scenarios of peer feedback and assessment prevalent at our faculties. 

We are proud to share the news that the project resulted in joining the national consortium with FeedbackFruits  for a period of 4 years. This means that we can continue to offer tools for peer review and group member evaluation after summer, but also for other didactic scenarios like providing teacher feedback (e.g. on written documents) or facilitating student interaction around documents, videos or presentations.

We will keep you informed  via the Library+ Education update.


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