Publishing Open Access as a result of the agreement between Dutch universities and publisher Wiley is possible starting 4 March 2016. With the accepted article corresponding authors of universities must indicate themselves that the article should be published in Open Access. No extra costs are charged for them.

It is recommended to use the option to publish in Open Access, which is available for about 1,400 hybrid journals. In the case of these so-called ‘OnlineOpen’ journals, some of the articles can only be read by subscribers and some can be read by anyone via Open Access. The agreement makes all articles of Dutch authors Open Access, as no publishing charge will be levied at the article level.

Wiley also publishes 60 full Open Access journals; these are not covered in this agreement. A researcher can of course still make an individual decision to publish in one of these 60 full Open Access journals. However, as they are not part of the Big Deal, charges will need to be paid by the researcher as an additional fee.

How to proceed?

At the moment an author receives a message that his or her article has been accepted, the author needs to select his or her Dutch university, thereby indicating that the APC (‘article processing charge’) is covered (via the UKB/VSNU agreement). This possibility to publish in Open Access is part of the big-deal contract between UKB/VSNU and Wiley. However, it has been agreed that articles cannot be published under Open Access retroactively in accordance with this scheme.

The list of the hybrid journals and the steps to be taken to get Open Access for free can be found on the Open Access page, section 2: Where to find OA journals and publisher policies? There you will also find practical information about current Open Access agreements with several other publishers. And a webform to contact OA consultant Coen van Laer as well.


This is an update on the post Wiley agreement in principle on Open Access

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