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Reduced storage costs for MERLN by storing their data at DataHub

14 Jan 2021

DataHub provides several types of storage facilities, each with their own trade-off in costs, performance and data availability. DataHub services are free, though storage is charged at cost price. If you have less than 100 GB of data, DataHub offers you free storage. Your data will be on our highest performing storage facility. For larger data sets, several storage solutions are available.


To reduce yearly storage costs for MERLN, DataHub has migrated about 16TB data from the HNAS storage to the cheaper CEPH storage. This migration process has reduced costs and saves MERLN approximately €1900 yearly. As all research and all data are different, it depends on your situation, which kind of storage suits you best. MERLN now uses CEPH storage as the default resource for storing existing and future projects. Some data sets are even suitable for migration to tape storage, resulting in a further reduction in costs.


MERLN has steadily grown over the last 6 years. As a result, many research is being done, which naturally generates a large amount of data. MERLN focuses on regenerative medicine and frequently uses data-heavy microscopy imaging techniques. Being able to save on storage costs is, therefore, a very welcome solution for them. DataHub offers cheap storage, local support and, most importantly, a safe way of storing data. Moreover, sharing data with colleagues is very easy, thereby increasing the reusability of their data.


More information

For more information about storing your data at DataHub, please visit the DataHub portal or send an email.

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