As of 1 June, you probably won’t have access to recent articles published in Oxford University Press (OUP) journals. Fortunately, content prior to 2017 can still be accessed through the regular channels.

As you already may have read (message UM Executive Board) the universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) and Oxford University Press (OUP) did not reach a new agreement for access to academic journals.

Dedicated webpage

The UM Library is responsible for academic journal subscriptions for Maastricht University. The library found some options to guide the academic community in getting access to 2017 OUP articles. For this purpose a dedicated webpage has been launched in the Online Library to keep everyone informed of the developments concerning the negotiations with OUP and workarounds to get the very recent OUP articles:

Updates on OUP will be communicated in the Library+ Research update (for subscription: go to


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