What if you only had one account for accessing all of the information resources you needed anywhere in Europe?

This is the question we want you to help us to answer!

We would like to discover what a ‘researcher passport’ should look like.

This study comes directly on foot of the Riding the Wave report, in particular the recommendation to create a directive to set up a unified authentication and authorization system in order that researchers from any discipline can find, access and process the data they need. Within the context of the study, these data encompass not just primary scientific data, but all data that a researcher needs to conduct research (e.g. articles).

As part of this study, a survey related to the workaround of researchers, has been prepared. The help of you as a researcher is highly appreciated. This survey consists of 9 questions and will take only a few minutes of your time.

The outcome of the survey will help to form recommendations for a directive for the implementation of a single access and authentication system for research.

On behalf of the international LIBER project team, I would thank you in advance for your help.


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