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TradeLawGuide offers efficient and effective tools for researching the jurisprudence of the WTO, dispute settlement documents, the texts of the WTO agreements and the Uruguay Round negotiating documents.

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Trip Database

The Trip database (Trip = Turning Research Into Practice) is an EBM search engine for health professionals.

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Truvalue Labs (via FactSet)

Truvalue Labs applies artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover risks and opportunities from companies’ Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) behavior, which are aggregated and categorized into continuously updated, material ESG scores.

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U.S. Treaties (Hein Online)

Online collection of image-based U.S. treaties, whether currently in-force, expired, or not yet officially published, and other international agreements.

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UM Theses

UM Theses gives an overview of (a selection of) bachelor and master theses, in electronic version, written by Maastricht University students.

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The UN-iLibrary is the comprehensive global search, discovery, and viewing source for digital content created by the United Nations.

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United Nations Treaty Collection

United Nations Treaty Collection (UNTC) contains status and full text of all multilateral treaties deposited with the United Nations – even those that have not been published yet. The UNTC also has bilateral and multilateral treaties registered with and published by the UN.

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This clinical information resource, enables physicians to access the most current information, recognise clinical manifestations and describe current options for diagnosis, management, and therapy (efficacy, doses, and interactions of individual drugs) / Identify optimal screening and prevention strategies.

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Via juridica

Via juridica combineert Nederlandse civiele en fiscale bronnen, op de vakgebieden Erfrecht, Huwelijksvermogensrecht, Ondernemingsrecht, Onroerendgoedrecht en Estate planning.

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Web of Science (WoS)

The Web of Science (WoS) offers bibliographical access to a curated collection of over 21,000 peer-reviewed, high-quality scholarly journals published worldwide (including Open Access journals) in over 250 science, social sciences, and humanities disciplines. Conference proceedings are also available.

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