With this pilot project, we aim to accelerate 100% Open Access in scholarly book publishing as part of the Open Science Policy of Maastricht University. We think the academic output should be freely available as soon as possible and academic authors should not be forced to pay excessive processing charges or transfer copyrights to others.

New releases

Cover - Taxes Crossing Borders and Tax Professors Too - Liber Amicorum Rainer Prokisch

Taxes Crossing Borders (and Tax Professors Too)

This book was presented to Professor Dr Rainer Prokisch on his retirement from the chair of International Tax Law at Maastricht University.

Coming soon

Cover-Temp - Combating crises from below

Combating crises from below

Social responses to poly-crisis in Europe and the United Kingdom

Kai A. Heidemann (editor)

Front-temp - NBM2023

NBM2023 – Conference Proceedings

International Conference on New Business Models

Funded by the Maastricht University Open Access Book Fund

Front - Seven Democratic Virtues of Liberal Education

Seven Democratic Virtues of Liberal Education

A Student-Inspired Agenda for Teaching Civic Virtue in European Universities

Teun J. Dekker

Front - Digital Healthcare and Expertise

Digital Healthcare and Expertise​

Mental Health and New Knowledge Practices

Claudia Egher