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What is the Makerspace

The Makerspace is a unique, collaborative learning space that is open to everyone. It is a multipurpose flexible space for students and staff to study, join or organise workshops and tutorials and collaborate on projects, generate ideas and content, and develop 21st-century labour market skills.

The Makerspace is located in the Inner City Library (route 160, Room D1.228).

Students, teachers and researchers can book the room for their own maker-activities. If specific tools or facilities are needed during these bookings please contact us: 

Reserve the Makerspace

To reserve the Makerspace please and/ or you want to use tools and facilities, such as the podcast-equipment or the 3d-printer during instructions, you can fill in this form:

Think, Make, Share

The theme of the Makerspace is ‘Think, Make, Share’. The Makerspace captures thinking in the broadest sense, because the space invites you to think critically and reflect on various aspects of the human experience, society, culture and technology. The makerspace facilitates you in making objects, both digital and non-digital, in a creative environment. The Makerspace also encourages users to share their knowledge and expertise with others who share the same interests, or the broader UM community.

Tools & facilities

The Makerspace provides you with various (digital) tools to help you sharing your ideas, research or solutions:

  • Professional podcasting equipment (4 mics + mixer)
  • Raspberry Pi’s (6)
  • 2 workstations: 1 Windows, 1 iMac, both with video editing and 3D design software
  • Two 55″ Prowise Interactive touch screens with motion sensor cameras
  • Laptops (4)
  • Whiteboards
  • 3D printer

If you want to use these tools, you can contact Ask Your Librarian for more information.

Are you interested in creating digital art using digital tools? UM students and staff can borrow Wacom Tablets via the Digital Arts Lab website.

student standing at a desk in the makerspace

3D printing

Are you interested in 3d-design and 3d-printing? We are currently working very hard on developing our 3D-printing tutorials and services.  If you cannot wait to start printing a 3d-design, please contact us via Ask Your Librarian.

The Makerspace also connects users to other Library services or initiatives like the professional Do-It-Yourself videostudio, the Smartphone Kit and Open Science and digital humanities related services.

Activities and workshops

At the Makerspace we organise many creative workshops and activities. Think about workshops focusing on digital skills, activities on sustainability, well-being and information literacy. There is something for everyone!


Upcoming activities

Date   Available spaces  
Tuesday 02/11/2021
04.00 CET - 05.00 CET
Makerspace, Inner City Library, room 1.228 (route 160)
Well-being Week activity: draw and color at the Makerspace (16/16) Register for this event
Date   Available spaces  
Friday 05/11/2021
09.00 CET - 10.00 CET
Makerspace, Inner City Library, room 1.228 (route 160)
Well-being Week activity: draw and color at the Makerspace (16/16) Register for this event

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