Afraid that your documents or files are up for grabs? 

Research has become more and more interdisciplinary and goes beyond the boundaries of one’s institute. A lot of supporting freeware tools are available to facilitate these developments in ways of communication and sharing information such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Ask yourself: how disastrous is it to lose your documents/files? Are your documents/files up for grabs? What about ownership of your documents/files?

The University Library offers a dedicated collaboration tool, that not only facilitates communication and information sharing, but explicitly offers the possibility to work together: the Virtual Research Environment (VRE) based on Sharepoint (MicroSoft).

The main functions included in the VRE are:
• project web portal: create your own window for peers or anyone interested
• project management and –planning
• storing and sharing documents/files: all possible formats (Microsoft documents, PDF, SPSS, video)
• shared writing: writing simultaneously in the same document
• document workflow and version management
• task list / agenda / calendar
• discussion pages / weblog
• shared links

Want to start a VRE for your project or research group?

Please contact Gregor Franssen, information specialist, by e-mail or telephone 85046.

Or visit our Research Portal for more information.

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