On Monday 18 May over 150 new learning spaces will be available for studying. An additional study facility to prepare yourselves for the upcoming exams. The doors of the Loods V Tapijn Learning Spaces will open for all UM students at 11.00. You are welcome to have a look or to study until 23.00.

Regular opening hours from 19 May will be: 07.00 – 23.00 (7 days a week).

Please note: you will need your valid UM card to get access to the building.

What to expect?

Let’s join forces!
The motto is for students by students, which means that Library and Facility Services staff work closely together with enthusiastic students to make sure the new learning spaces meet students’ learning needs. ‘By’ students also means that the building will be mainly run by students.

The library offers from 18 May:

  • a multifunctional learning environment, with a diversity of learning spaces:
    • group rooms
    • individual study places
    • lounge/social area
  • WiFi (Bring Your Own Device)

For early birds
To meet student wishes (based on a library survey on opening hours ) we will have pilot opening hours: you are welcome to study from 07.00. For late risers it is good to know that Loods V will be open until 23.00.

Design in progress

The Tapijn Learning Spaces are housed in a temporary building at the Tapijn area. This Loods V is on a list of buildings that will be replaced in 3-4 years’ time by a permanent, innovative, state-of-the-art new library building. In the next months more facilities will be added to the current Tapijn Learning Spaces.  

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