The University Library has set up a free trial access which is available from 15 January 2014 until 14 February 2014.

This trial provides online access to the English Historical Documents series, the ideal study and research resource for anyone with an interest in British History. It is a digital database compiling over 5,500 rare primary source documents, covering a broad range of British history from 500 AD to 1914, including American Colonial Documents to 1776.

These primary source documents were originally included in the prestigious 11-volume English Historical Documents, published by Routledge. The final volume, covering 1914-1957, will be published in 2014, the content for which will be added to English Historical Documents Online automatically.

The selection of documents includes a wide range of sources, such as:

  • treaties
  • statutes
  • declarations
  • government and cabinet proceedings
  • military dispatches
  • orders
  • acts
  • sermons
  • newspaper articles
  • pamphlets
  • personal and official letters
  • diaries and more.

Each section of documents and many of the documents themselves are accompanied by editorial commentary. The sources cover a wide spectrum of topics, from political and constitutional issues to social, economic, religious as well as cultural history.

Site Access Information
English Historical Documents Online

Users accessing the site via registered IP addresses will be automatically authenticated. Once you are authenticated, you can begin to access your trial immediately.  You can search for keywords across the entire content of English Historical Documents Online using the quick search bar, or can refine your search using a huge range of advanced search options.

Get the most out of your trial by visiting the FAQs section for quick answers to many common questions you might have.

Feedback is very welcome
Please send it to and inform us about the added value of this database for you. Let us know whether or not the library should have permanent access to this database. In this way, you enable the library committee to decide upon future access to English Historical Documents Online.

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