Last June SURFnet launched the battle of concepts on location-based services for education and research. 46 contestants applied with an idea and last week the winners were announced. We are proud to share with you that the Maastricht University Library won the second prize with the concept of a Brain-UMatch app!

The library concept describes how senior students can share their knowledge and experiences with students seeking support on aspects of their study (e.g. writing a paper or performing a literature search).
The Brain-UMatch idea is based on a combination of already existing (but not yet connected) systems and facilities.

The most important of which are:

  • Find your way’; an online guide to facilities and services in the library locations.
  • ‘Find your colleague’; a tool to show others where you are. This tool is developed to make it easier to find and contact colleagues working in several buildings and in the hotspot office area (kantoortuin) concept the UM Library makes use of.
  • ‘Who is the expert’; a tool in which you can share information on how and when to contact you on what topics (on top of sharing what are your working hours and background expertise).

Translate our winning idea into action
SURFnet is already paying attention to developing location based services within the context of education and will probably invest in one of the winning ideas in the upcoming future. The appreciation of the concept and possible assistance from SURFnet will perhaps make the idea come true for our students.

Suggestions for further developments? Please contact us. We will keep you posted!

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