The Dutch universities have been in negotiation with publishing house Wolters Kluwer for some time now to secure Open Access to academic publications by law scholars affiliated with universities in the Netherlands. Where it comes to publishing rights, no deal could be reached for the coming period.

The contract that has now been concluded once more secures reader rights for already published articles over the 2016-2017 period. Additional agreements have been made to retain archiving rights to articles published in the past, but Open Access publishing rights could not be included. Though this is not an acceptable long-term solution for the Dutch universities, the renewal of the existing contract will give both sides a chance to hammer out a deal in the year ahead.

Continuous efforts 

Wolters Kluwer is the first large publishing house with which it has not been possible to reach an agreement on the transition to Open Access. Speaking about this setback, principal negotiator for VSNU Jaap Winter said: “Unfortunately we were unable to come to a gold Open Access deal with Wolters Kluwer for this contract period. We will continue to explore the possibilities however and expect to find a good Open Access solution in the time ahead.” Expectedly, the remaining sticking points will be resolved next year. Dutch universities will continue their efforts to achieve 100% Open Access.

Source: VSNU news 24 October 2016 

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