Webinar on Wooclap: an audience response tool

Webinar on Wooclap: an audience response tool

We are amidst a period in which a large part of our education takes place online. In such a learning environment, it is sometimes challenging to facilitate interaction and achieve engagement for students. Fortunately, there are all kinds of tools that can help us with this.

The University Library created the Tool Wheel, to provide an overview of possible solutions.

The only problem is: sometimes there are barriers, because you might not know how a tool works and what it can do for your educational practice. In this webinar, Barend Last from the Library briefly demonstrates the tool Wooclap, a tool for collecting answers in real-time and presenting them visually. He deals with different kinds of question types, and lets you experience how the tools works from the student perspective.

Wooclap sessions can be used as:

  • Quick formative assessments; to check whether students have understood information and concepts covered
  • Contingent teaching; based on responses of the audience, switch the focus of the lecture (because they favour this or seem to know less about a certain topic)
  • Discussion and debate starters by posing propositions or asking no-correct-answer questions
  • Student engagement; creating a safe and attractive environment for interaction in which everyone can participate

Date: 18 May 2021
Time: 11:00

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