…and avoid being indicted for plagiarism

Writing is an important academic skill. During your study you will have to write papers which will increasingly have to meet the specific requirements of academic writing. You are expected to place your essays in the scientific context of the subject. To this end, reference should be made to earlier publications. It is not allowed to quote text or text fragments without proper referring to bibliographic data, among which the original author(s).

Your faculty and the Library provide training programs focused on proper academic writing (see suggestions below).

Regardless of whether it is done intentionally or not, improper use of someone else’s text is considered plagiarism. Maastricht University uses the definition: “Onder plagiaat wordt verstaan de presentatie van ideeën of woorden uit eigen of andermans bronnen zonder correcte bronvermelding.” (Werkgroep antiplagiaat, 2008), translated “Plagiarism means the presentation of ideas or words from their own or others sources without proper acknowledgement”.

At Maastricht University we take plagiarism very seriously. Whilst the precise measures taken depends on the extend of plagiarism, the plagiarism history of the student, and the type of assignment the student plagiarizes in, in the most extreme case a student’s registration can be terminate (FPN, 2013; SBE 2013). Even after graduation this form of fraud can still be a reason to re-evaluate your diploma.

Article Observant

Observant 6th of June 2013, page 5

The links below provide instructions how to avoid plagiarism:

  • Start well in advance of the deadline
  • Acknowledge your sources; acknowledging sources is an important part … read more
  • Take careful notes; avoid confusing a quote from a source with something you came up with by writing down where you got it from
  • Master the language; an excuse given by some plagiarizing students … read more
  • Do not lend out your paper; at least not before handing it in yourself

“The plagiarist compromises her own education and so steals from the larger society that has devoted its resources to training her to do reliable work later” (Booth, Colomb, & Williams, 2003, p. 288)

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