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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Why do we need a new CRIS?

In a couple of years, Metis will no longer be further developed. Therefore, the purchasing parties (all universities in the Netherlands, the KNAW/Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, and others) have simultaneously started the same trajectory to find a replacement. 

FAQ 2: When do we start using Pure?

Pure is accessible for all users since 18 May 2016. Pure has been launched together with the new UM website and the new Personal Profile Pages.

FAQ 3: How is my content in Metis transferred to Pure?

Each individual faculty has evaluated the current content in Metis. Subsequently, all content is transferred to Pure. 

FAQ 4: Is my current list of publications transferred 100% from Metis to Pure?

Each individual faculty has evaluated the current content in Metis. Subsequently,  the content is transferred to Pure. 

FAQ 5: Will my list of UM publications on my Personal Staff Page stay the same during the transition Metis-Pure?

Yes, everything that has been entered into Metis (and attached to your staff page) will be imported into Pure.

FAQ 6: What will happen with Personal Metis?

Pure also enables researchers to fill in their own results. ‘Personal Metis’ will be replaced by ’Pure for personal users’.

FAQ 7: Will my personal page show more than the 5 most recent publications?

Your personal page will show the 10 most recent publications from Pure. You can also select 10 key publications to be shown on your personal page.

FAQ 8: Can I link my publications for my personal page to Pure, as it is done now in Metis?

The new personal profile pages (part of  the project UM-website) will show 10 most recent and up to 10 selected key publications in Pure. A link to Pure will show your complete list of publications.

FAQ 10: Can others (Elsevier) get access to my data?

Pure is hosted at UM, under ICTS. Therefore the system is NOT accessible to external parties.  

FAQ 11: For what other purposes will my data from Pure be used, other than for my personal page?

Your output data will be used for reporting on UM and faculty key figures for annual reports, accreditations and mid-term reviews.

FAQ 12: Which information will be automatically shown and what can we enter ourselves?

Certain data will be standard entered into Pure from the UM SAP system, such as name, function and organisation unit. Other fields, such as expertise and education, can be entered personally.


FAQ 13: Can we be grouped as a research unit?

This is automatically done in the Pure portal (SAP organisation and research).


FAQ 14: Can we influence which publication is shown?

Yes, this can be indicated for each publication.