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Developing quality test for new open access journals

The number of scholarly and scientific open access journals is growing with more than a thousand a year. How to ensure the quality of these journals and at the same time give these new journals a fair chance?

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Key Advances in Medicine. PDF for free

It is the perfect resource for busy medical students, physicians and clinical researchers who want to catch up with the medical literature from 2011.

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UM Taskforce e-learning delivered an end report

The possibilities to make use of e-learning tools within education are increasing while you read this. To find out what possibilities add something to the education at UM and be able to share experiences with teachers and educational researchers, the library founded a task force e-learning.

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Research Data: recommendations for storage and access

To support researchers in storing and sharing research data, in 2011 the CARDS project has been executed under auspices of Surffoundation. The project worked in two directions:(1)professionalization of the support staff and(2)executing the wishes of researchers for storing and sharing research data through seven pilots in five institutions in higher education in the Netherlands.

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Trial Medical e-textbooks Elsevier 

The Maastricht University Library started a trial with a package of 120 medical e-textbooks. We would like FHML students and teachers to use the e-books and let us know their experiences.

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