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More than 160,000 academic e-books extra accessible

Since August, the University Library offers a comprehensive package (more than 160,000) of e-books: the EBSCO Academic e-books subscription. This large selection is multidisciplinary and represents a broad range of academic subjects.


Kluwer Law Online

Recently our subscription to the content of Kluwer Law Online has been expanded with a website, online manuals and journals.


PsycBOOKS® Bigger and Better

APA has expanded the content included in PsycBOOKS®, making the database the most current and comprehensive resource for full-text APA-published scholarly books available. New: 33 2014 titles. And: no more embargo on current titles.


Maintenance message : availability via SFX

Due to a change of the SFX server all SFX functionalities will be unavailable on Sunday morning 29 September 2013. From Sunday afternoon until Wednesday afternoon the service may incidentally be unavailable.

Library News

Key Advances in Medicine. PDF for free

It is the perfect resource for busy medical students, physicians and clinical researchers who want to catch up with the medical literature from 2011.

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