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Welcome to the Library+ Teacher Portal

Welcome to the Library+ Teacher Portal


In this portal we have collected all library information you can make use of to prepare your courses.
From having resources ordered and integrated into the digital learning environment to implementing voting tools for interaction during your lecture.
And of course where to turn to for support

Resources for your courses – top

  Resources for your courses

Find and offer as many resources as you want
and develop your students into domain experts and well trained information seekers.



Library collections 

You can browse our collections to find learning resources for your course

 Order literature  

Keep the library collection in line with your cases and assignments

 Reference List  

As a course coordinator you can collect and (digitally) offer all literature related to your course via the Reference List in EleUM. 

 Copyright Information Point 

The purpose of the copyright information point is to answer questions you may have about copyright whenever an article, a paper or a book is included in your course.

 Borrowing and library membership  

Stay up to date and borrow literature preparing your course.


Facilities for education – top

  Facilities for education

Are you teaching or planning exams in the University Library in the upcoming period?
In that case we offer facilities and services for your education.


Facilities – overzicht

 Locations & opening hours 


 Reserve a room in the Library  

How to book and make use of the library instruction rooms

 Computer facilities in the library


 Touch screens and special facilities


 Software in the library  

Check or request for software in the library computer rooms  

 Ordering software for the SDA  

Students mostly work via the Student Desktop Anywhere (SDA). Make sure the software your students need is installed on the SDA by ordering according the current procedure.

 Accounts for non-UM students 

Request for temporary accounts for non-UM students (Note: following this link requires logging in with your UM credentials)

 WiFi in the library 

Find out about the wireless network connection in the Maastricht University buildings (link opens in ICTS website)  

 Storage space: N-drive 

Do you need extra storage space for your education? Make use of the newly developed N-drive to store data as a teacher for your students (Note: you need to log on to MyUm first to open this page). 

 Support in the computer rooms  

Where to turn to when you are in need for support making use of the library computer rooms (Note: you need to log on to MyUm first to open this page).  


Integrating information literacy in your course – top

 Integrating information literacy in your course

As part of their work, students have to search for information. Sometimes they can make use of a reference list, but at some point, they have to search for additional information, whether it’s a book, an article or other types of information.
The library not only provides books, journals and databases but also supports teachers in learning students how to become more information literate. Being information literate means that students are able to define their research question, know where and how to search for information, know how to evaluate and manage that information and in the end can create new information that builds upon that. 


literacy – body

The library organises workshops, has made some online tutorials and instructional videos. Tutorials, video’s and additional information can be found on the Skills & Support page.

 Skills & Support

E-learning tools for your education – top

 E-learning tools for your education

In addition to hosting the digital learning environment. we also support teachers
in getting acquainted with and making use of tools to facilitate e-teaching and e-learning.


e-learning tools – body

 Audience response tool  

Create interaction during your classes 

 Blogs in your course

To have students publish their writings and reflect on their progress and have others (peers and teachers) comment.

 Concept mapping tools  

Concept-mapping and mind-mapping software are used to create diagrams or relationships between concepts, ideas or other pieces of information. 

 Discussion boards  

Facilitate peer support and collaborative knowledge building

 Electronic portfolios  

Offer coaching and feedback on a student built portfolio which makes it easy to showcase students’ work and to help to demonstrate their skills to teachers or prospective employers.

 Plagiarism detection  

Check the originality of a student's paper by making use of the plagiarism detection tool, connected to submitting assignments in the digital learning environment.

 Video in your course - VideUM  

Visit VideUM for UM video services and more information about implementing video for second watch or specific didactic scenarios.  

 Virtual classroom  

Facilitate group sessions on a distance

 Wikis in your course  

For collaborative writing and peer review

Get help: support, courses & workshops

  Get help: support, courses & workshops

Being a teacher at the UM, you probably reach a point
where specialised help on all the available library facilities and services is welcome



Get help – body rij 1

General support

 Ask your librarian

For general support, questions, wishes, comments use the webform

EleUM and e-learning support

 Creating and using courses  


 E-learning Support 

Our support team for advice on implementing tools to facilitate teaching and learning

Get help – body rij 2

Specialised support

 Data Search Support  

Turn to our data search specialists when help is needed in searching for data. 

 Copyright information point  

Everything about copyright for teachers

 Library Workshops & Courses 

We offer all sorts of workshops & courses in the field of information skills

 Language Courses & Services 

Our Language Centre offers courses and services to upgrade your languages, but also writing for your course

Support for your students

 Peer Point 

At Peer Point your students can get help from a fellow student

 Writing Studio 

The main goal of the Writing Studio is to support students and help them reflect on their thinking, searching and writing process

 Thesis SupportAll  

In addition we offer the online Thesis SupportAll for bachelor and master students who are in the process of writing their thesis


Ask your librarian: contact a Teacher Support specialist





Selected library news for teachers



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