Maastricht University is continuously investing in additional study places. We are happy to announce that there will be an extra 30 study places in the Randwyck Library soon. You are welcome to study in the refurbished (former) Copy Room at level 2 as of mid-March.

Over the last couple of years, the number of study places UM Library offers has increased. We introduced Learning Spaces at Bonnefanten (in the Student Services Centre building), Tapijn (at the former Tapijn Kazerne premises) and – just a year ago – at the University Sports Centre in Randwyck. 

The number of study places in the Randwyck Library will be just over 800 by mid-March. The total number in all 6 library locations will be over 2,500 by that time.  

Our mission: new study places

Looking at all Dutch university libraries, UM Library scores in the national top region when looking at the balance between student numbers and available study places. And we stay focused on expanding our state-of-the-art study places in the future (for example at Tapijn). With this mission we meet your wishes for a pleasant study environment, and our efforts are in line with national developments.

Campus NL: investing in the future

Because of digitisation students are increasingly able to study outside the university campus. In spite of that, the physical university campus will not be replaced by a virtual environment. That is one of the conclusions of the research report ‘Campus NL: investing in the future’, commissioned by VSNU and 14 Dutch universities: students spent more time on campus than 10 years ago.  To respond to this need, universities focus more efficiently on the available space. See here for the VSNU press release and here for the full report (both in Dutch). 


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