Precious books reading room redesigned

The precious books reading room of the Maastricht University Library has been transformed from a traditional library room into a modern multifunctional facility. Its new name, The Parlour, is derived from the old French word Parloir which refers to the most beautiful room in the house set aside for speaking with someone or for the reception of guests. The room is furnished with magnificent new tables full of references to the library’s old book collection. These true artworks reflect the international focus of the university with images of expeditions, foreign languages, and distant places. Our academic values are represented by books and the combination symbolizes imagination and knowledge creation.

Student-to-student skills training

The Parlour, which is located at the Inner City Library left to the information desk, is equipped with the latest presentation and recording equipment. Apart from an increased number of study places and an inspiring space for consulting the library’s precious books, this makes the new facility exceedingly suited for student-to-student skills trainings.

Any association that organises training sessions (for up to 20 participants) aimed at increasing academic competences with our students, staff, or alumni are invited to apply for usage of The Parlour.  Already it is being used as an operating base by Toastmasters (presentation skills, 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month, 19.30) and Rhetorica (debating skills, each Monday and Thursday evening at 19.00).

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